"The people loved your music"

"It was super fun, wonderful musicians"

"Best around here in the Northwest, top tier."

"Brooks incorporate beautiful harmonies, driving rhythms, and thought invoking lyrics to create an intimate and "down home" feel. From the rug and stools on stage to the storytelling this duo is both a personal and local favorite. Come enjoy the songs from their latest album "What You're Looking For"

"Let Brooks look through you.
Take a step back to wake up the real you.
These days it seems ‘the dreams turn out the same’."

"Bring along Brooks on your next journey.
Rediscover the spirit of the Northwest.
Rugged and young."

"Brooks is an old friend you just met."

"‘Come out singing’ from the Mountain top.
Experience Pure Harmony."
"You just might find…
    what you’re looking for."

An evening to remember... Blue moon on the Sky with
Brooks outside along the river, there lively music was incredibly passionate with the great written and talently performance's that make you want more.
I heard a many a mix of greatness permeating from the toes up and out of their lips and fingers.
This is "what you're looking for" is addictive!
Love the tunes !
Keep them coming!

"Have you ever been talking to an old friend, who looks right at you and says, I know exactly what you mean? When I hear the music of Brooks, I feel understood."

"Takes me back to a time when I would take a drive up into the mountains to go camping for the weekend. This is the music you would sit around the campfire and just chill with friends."

"I was listening to the album on my way to work driving through the valley at night and it kind of reminded me of     "Trippin" up into the hills near Yakima."

Absolutely love your new CD! It's awesome!

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